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֍ Andrea Potyondy-Smith, CMT, LMT ֎

A Description of 

Integrative Myofascial Bodywork

Integrative Myofascial Bodywork [IMB] is essentially my 'style' of bodywork. I concentrate on addressing the fascial system of the body via the skin, thereby affecting other structures. However, this does not mean your muscles are 'ignored.' I combine other techniques as needed, primarily positional release and Ortho-Bionomy, customizing the work to each person. My focus is on therapy and healing vs. relaxation work, so involves a thorough assessment, dialogue, and frequent "checking in" with the client. 

Any work performed is always to the client's tolerance level. I do not use oils, creams, or lotions. If a person is more comfortable doing so, they can wear loose athletic clothing during their session vs. being draped with sheets; in fact, wearing athletic clothing makes the bodywork easier to do.  I often spend a full 60 minute session on 1-2 areas of a client's 'trouble spots,' so it is not very similar to full-body relaxation massage. 

In all cases, the work is client-driven with the goals being decreased pain, increased range of motion, and/or increased athletic performance. 

What is Fascia?

How Do You Work on Fascia?

What is Positional Release?

Fascia--or the myofascial system--is essentially the thick, fibrous, "white stuff" that runs around, between, and through everything in our bodies: muscles, bones, organs, etc. It thickens to become the tendons and ligaments at junctures. Just like muscles, it can have trigger points, and tightness in one area may adversely affect other parts of the body. Addressing this tissue is the main way I try to engage other structures to create positive change.

Fascia has many layers. It can be addressed in both a gentle and firm manner. Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release use sustained, gentle pressure to relax the tissue. Latz's Connective Tissue Massage (CTM), based in Rolfing, uses a firmer touch with a stronger "stretch," that can feel akin to foam roller sensations; it is for people who prefer more intense work. There is no use of oil, creams, or lotions with fascial work and manual therapy, though liquid chalk or Dycem® non-stick material may be used to increase skin contact and/or enhance the stretch. 

Positional release is a gentle, non-invasive technique intended to release trigger points and tight, spastic muscles. The body or limb is moved into a position of comfort and the area of pain is held with gentle pressure until it unwinds. Though Ortho-Bionomy is a different technique, there are some similar principles, which is why I also use it. 

Andrea at Hanging Lake, CO

About Andrea, Your Therapist

I am a graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage in Wisconsin and have passed the MBLEx licensure exam. I am a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) who also holds Wisconsin state licensure. I have over 750 hours of initial training, and 400+ hours of continuing education in various modalities, both manual and energy techniques. I specialize in working with athletes, those healing from injuries, and people in chronic pain. As an endurance athlete, I understand the toll training can take on a person's body. I have also had a few surgeries, and can relate to those who live with daily discomfort. I believe bodywork is imperative for a person to function properly--physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. 

Extensively Educated

Though I focus on the fascial system and positional release, to which Ortho-Bionomy could be considered related, I have training in many modalities between my core classes at Blue Sky, from where I graduated in 2002, and my ongoing continuing education. These include Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) with John Latz, Manual Therapy with Walt Fritz, Barnes' MFR, Bowen Therapy, dry-cupping, Orthopedic massage with James Waslaski, neuromuscular therapy, Russian sports & medical massage, Reiki, Upledger Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and kinesio-taping, among others. Additionally, I am certified in Orthopedic and Clinical Rehabilitative Massage with Whitney Lowe/NCBTMB. At present, I am working on certifying in Structural Integration (based in Rolfing) with the Lyons Institute. 

Andrea with James Waslaski

Treatment Room

Therapy Space for You

Your private, individual treatment room includes a space heater, ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, Himalayan salt crystal lamp, and a heated mattress pad on request. 

COMING FEBRUARY 2022: Electric lift table!