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֍ Andrea Potyondy-Smith, LMT, CMT ֎

Fascial/Massage Wax, Balms & Butters: $15/4 oz.

Are you a bodyworker looking for an alternative to massage creams, lotion, or oils? 

Maybe you suffer from aches and pains from arthritis, or 

post work-out. 

Want a personally scented moisturizer?

If so, I can whip you up a custom blended Myofascial or Massage Wax, Balm or Body Butter!

$15 for 4 oz. 

Call, text, or email for details!

Basic Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea or Mango butter, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E Oil & Essential Oils 

WAXES: These are mid-to-thick in consistency. I adapt the formula based on if you do more traditional body work, fascial work, or Graston™/scraping techniques. These are great, long-lasting emollients that avoid the "greasy" feel of many body products. Traditional bodywork waxes may contain up to 3 carrier oils. Fascial waxes have only Apricot oil.

BALMS: Similar to Badger Balm™, these have a mid-to-soft consistency and are meant for specific areas/local use. Examples include: Anti-Inflammatory (used on a sore joint or muscle), eczema, or dry & cracked hands & feet blends.

BUTTERS: These blends do not have beeswax and are meant to be used as full-body moisturizers, thicker than lotions.  Alternately, they can be used as massage creams. If you want more than 4 oz., please contact me for details & pricing.

Please note that all products are free from synthetic preservatives aside from Vitamin E oil, which provides a shelf-life of 12-18 mos. I use cruelty-free and/or organic products as much as possible. I avoid nut oils in all products for allergen reasons. 

If you have a known allergy to any ingredient or any scent, please be sure to let me know. It may be possible to substitute an ingredient; I have many essential oils and ideally can formulate a blend to meet your needs with ingredients safe for you. 

Products are for topical use only. They are not meant to be used by children, ingested, or used on open wounds or broken skin; they are not meant to diagnose or treat any condition. 

What the Heck is Massage Wax? 

Bodyworkers know what massage oils, lotions, and creams are. But WAX?! What the heck? Actually, massage wax is a "thing" in the U.K. In fact, you can really only purchase it online from a couple places, and the shipping can cost half as much as the wax itself. But Massage Wax is a great alternative to even creams, which is the "standard" for therapists here in the USA who don't want a "greasy" product. If you try to find it any place online, most of what you will find are "emollients"--wax-like products used primary with Graston™ or Rock Tape™ tools.

In my work with fascia, Dycem™ and liquid chalk are generally fine for most clients--but not all. I was looking for something with "grip," but that also still had glide necessary for fascial work, especially for patients who had more body hair. I wasn't happy with anything I found; plain shea butter was not doing the trick.  So, after a lot of digging into ingredients, DIY recipes from U.K. websites, and experimentation, I  created my own fascial wax. 

The basic massage wax I created is softer and thinner than Fasical Wax--but still thicker than massage cream. However, my Fascial Wax is very "grip oriented." Yet, it still allows the practitioner's hands to glider over the client's skin, as needed. It's a niche market, for sure. However, the all-natural ingredients are safe for most clients and therapists, and great for the skin--regardless of how thick the mixture used!