Integrative Myofascial Bod​ywork

Aiming to keep all bodies in optimal motion through quality therapeutic bodywork

֍ Andrea Potyondy-Smith, CMT, LMT ֎

Package Discounts Available

Interested in saving money? Then purchase a package! Purchase three sessions and receive a 15% discount. Purchase 5 sessions and receive a 25% discount!*

Also available is an "Acute Injury Bundle": If you have experienced an injury--athletic, car-crash, or other--I work with individuals to create a 2-3 treatment per week schedule with special pricing. No pre-pay is necessary for this Bundle; typically used for 1-4 weeks. 

*Bundles apply only to Integrative Myofascial Bodywork, not Distinctive Services

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*A Sliding Scale is available to those in need. Please call me to discuss this on an individual basis. It does not apply to packages.


Autumnal Equinox: Spooky Special/Giving Thanks

The seasons are changing, and though that ideally means things should be slowing down, they seem to be speeding up. Take time for yourself and $10 off any session. 

Valid until November 30, 2021

Limit one per client for the duration of the offer


If you are a current client and have referred a person to me, you are eligible for a discount on your next session! So be sure to tell the person you referred to "call you out" on their intake form!


​Cash or Check preferred. I do not take credit cards, but do have Cash App 

 2 hour Integrative Myofascial Bodywork Sessions available upon request 

30 Minute Session


Package of 3: $115

Package of 5: $170

You will receive 30 minutes of Integrative Myofascial Bodywork. A Structural Evaluation is included. 

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60 Minute Session


Package of 3: $217

Package of 5: $319

You will receive 60 minutes of Integrative Myofascial Bodywork. A Structural Evaluation is included.

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90 Minute Session


Package of 3: $319 

Package of 5: $469

You will receive 90 minutes of Integrative Myofascial Bodywork. A Structural Evaluation is included.

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45 Minute Cephalagia Special


Package of 3: $150

45 minutes of Integrative Myofascial Bodywork focused on the head and neck

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Warm Bamboo or Synergy Stone® Deep Tissue Massage

60 min. $95

90 min. $140

This type of massage uses oil or cream and warm bamboo or Synergy Stone® massage tools. For clients who want deep work with a more "traditional" feel. 

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Fijian or Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage


This is an approximately 75 minute massage where the therapist uses their feet while sitting on a chair. The client lies on a mat on the floor; a very low table is an option if a client is less mobile. The client is fully clothed for Fijian work; creams and draping are used for Ashiatsu work: A unique, deeper-tissue massage. 

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Orthopedic/Clinical Rehab Massage

Call for pricing

Orthopedic and Clinical Rehabilitative massage is meant specifically for people in chronic pain and/or those suffering an injury, athletic or otherwise. It is taken on a case-by-case basis. It is best and easiest to call for a brief phone consultation and to discuss options. 

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Aside from Integrative Myofascial Bodywork and Distinctive Styles of massage, I also offer the additional services (most post-session). Price is per service. Discounts for multiple services can be considered if discussed before session and as time allows. Clients may also choose to 'trade' some time from their session if they would like one of these services but don't want to pay extra.

  • CUPPING: $20--up to 2 areas of the body; approximately 20 minutes
  • GUA SHA: $20--AKA Scraping or Spooning, similar to Cupping or Graston work; 2 areas of the body, approx. 20 minutes
  • GUA SHA FOR FACE: $15--15 minutes; very soothing, but no "red marks" as one gets with body Gua Sha 
  • KINESIOTAPING: $20--up to 2 areas (requires client be lotion-free beforehand)
  • EAR CANDLING: $15--takes about 10 minutes per ear
  • AROMATHERAPY: $5--for services with oils/creams; part of session
  • DRY BAMBOO OR STONE WORK: $10--10 minutes; done over clothes (or sheets); at end of Integrative Myofascial Session
  • OUT-CALLS: Cost dependent on session length/type, availability, and distance (up to 20 miles). FOR ESTABLISHED CLIENTELE ONLY

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LATE & NO SHOW POLICY: Late arrivals may affect one's session time. IE: 15 minutes late = 15 minutes less bodywork time. One is considered a "no-show" after 30 minutes; at this point, I reserve the right to cancel the session unless the client agrees to pay the full price of their session while still receiving the deducted time. More than one no-show will equate to requiring Cash-App payment up front for all future sessions.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Ideally, please give me about 24 hours notice (or evening-before, for a morning appointment) if you need to cancel a session. Of course, I do realize that sometimes "life happens," and if you are ill, most definitely stay home! Chronic day-of cancellation (after the 3rd time), however, may lead to following a No-Show policy of requiring advance payment via Cash-App. If one has paid for a package, after the 3rd day-of cancellation, the session may be deducted from their package.